Thriller Novels

Without FailWithout Fail

Echo BurningEcho Burning

Running BlindRunning Blind


Die TryingDie Trying

Killing FloorKilling Floor

Tanner's VirginTanner's Virgin

The Thief Who Couldn't SleepThe Thief Who Couldn't Sleep

A Drop of the Hard StuffA Drop of the Hard Stuff

All the Flowers Are DyingAll the Flowers Are Dying

Hope to DieHope to Die

A Ticket to the BoneyardA Ticket to the Boneyard

A Stab in the DarkA Stab in the Dark

Time to Murder and CreateTime to Murder and Create

In the Midst of DeathIn the Midst of Death

The Sins of the FathersThe Sins of the Fathers

Small TownSmall Town

Hit MeHit Me

Hit and RunHit and Run

Hit ParadeHit Parade