New Adult Novels

Cocky BastardCocky Bastard

Stuck-Up SuitStuck-Up Suit


Sins of SevinSins of Sevin

Stepbrother DearestStepbrother Dearest

My SkylarMy Skylar


Jake UnderstoodJake Understood

(Jake #2)
Jake UndoneJake Undone

(Jake #1)
While We WaitedWhile We Waited

(The Reed Brothers #8)
Good Girl GoneGood Girl Gone

(The Reed Brothers #7)
Christmas with the ReedsChristmas with the Reeds

(The Reed Brothers #6.5)
Zip, Zero, ZilchZip, Zero, Zilch

(The Reed Brothers #6)
Beautiful BrideBeautiful Bride

(The Reed Brothers #5.6)
Only OneOnly One

(The Reed Brothers #5.5)
Proving Paul's PromiseProving Paul's Promise

(The Reed Brothers #5)
Maybe Matt's MiracleMaybe Matt's Miracle

(The Reed Brothers #4)
Reagan's Revenge and Ending Emily's EngagementReagan's Revenge and Ending Emily's Engagement

(The Reed Brothers #3.6)
Finally Finding FaithFinally Finding Faith

(The Reed Brothers #3.5)
Calmly, Carefully, CompletelyCalmly, Carefully, Completely

(The Reed Brothers #3)
Just Jelly Beans and JealousyJust Jelly Beans and Jealousy

(The Reed Brothers #2.5)