This Man

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He slows his thrusts to ease us both down from our incredible highs, and I hold him tight, my inner muscles contracting around him as he lazily circles his hips.

‘Look at me.’ he orders softly. I pull my head down to look at him, sighing happily as he searches my eyes. He rolls his hips again and plants a kiss on the end of my nose. ‘Beautiful.’ he says simply, cupping the back of my head and pushing me towards him so my cheek rests against his shoulder. I could stay like this forever.

My back peels away from the cold wall behind me and I’m carried to the vanity unit with Jesse still buried deep inside me, pulsating and twitching. He slips out and settles me on the counter, clasping his palms on either side of my face and bending to kiss me, his lips lingering on mine in a total display of affection.

‘I didn’t hurt you, did I?’ he asks, his frown line appearing on his forehead.

I dissolve on the spot. I want to smother him in my arms, so I do. I wrap my whole body around him, arms and legs, and cling on to him like my life depends on it. He buries his face in my neck and strokes my back. It’s the most calming sensation I’ve ever felt. I can’t even muster up the energy to feel guilty.

Sarah who?

We remain entwined, a bundle of arms and legs, breathing heavy and holding each other for an age. I want to stay exactly where I am. We could – it is his bathroom. I can’t believe he’s brought the penthouse.

After far too short a time, he leans back, running the back of his knuckles down the side of my face.

‘I didn’t use a condom,’ he says with genuine regret in his eyes. ‘I’m sorry, I got so carried away. You’re on birth control, right?’

‘Yes, but the pill doesn’t protect me from STD’s.’ I’m such a numb-nut. This man is a God with some serious moves. I dread to think of how many women he’s slept with.

He smiles at me. ‘Ava, I’ve always used a condom,’ He leans forward, kissing my forehead. ‘Except with you,’

Huh? ‘Why?’

He pulls away and has a little chew on his bottom lip. ‘I don’t see straight when I’m near you.’ He puts his boxers and trousers on, and then reaches over me to grab a washcloth from the shelf. I’m about to protest, but then I remember…it’s his. Everything in here is his, except for me. Well, not according to him, but that’s just an impending orgasm talking. The throws of passion can make you say some funny things. He doesn’t see straight? That makes two of us.

He runs the tap, passing the cloth under it and returns to stand before me. I feel exposed, sat here completely naked. This isn’t equal ground. I close my legs to conceal myself, suddenly uncomfortable with my state of undress, but he looks at me, a perplexed look flitting across his handsome face as he pouts, reaches between my legs and spreads them gently.

‘Better.’ he mutters, lifting my arms from my lap and placing them on his shoulders. He rests the warm, damp cloth on the inside of my thigh and begins sweeping it up and down, cleaning the remnants of him away from me. It’s a tender act and extremely intimate. I watch his face in fascination, noticing the slight crease across his forehead as he concentrates with his procedure of cleaning me up.

He gazes up at me, his green eyes soft and twinkling. ‘I want to toss you in that shower and worship every inch of you, but this will have to do. For now, anyway.’ He leans in and kisses me, lingering briefly. I don’t think I could ever tire of those simple, affectionate kisses.

His lips are so soft, his scent divine. ‘Come on, lady. Let’s get you dressed.’ He lifts me from the counter and helps me into my underwear and dress before zipping me up. My entire body convulses when he rests his lips on the nape of my neck, his warm, soft mouth having the hairs on my neck rising. I don’t think he’s out of my system – not at all. This is bad news.

I pick his pale blue shirt up from floor and shake it out before handing it to him.

‘There really wasn’t any need to screw it up, was there?’ He flicks me a grin as he pulls it on, fastening the buttons and tucking it into his navy trousers.

‘Your jacket will cov…’ I abruptly remember tossing that on the floor in the bedroom. ‘Oh,’ I whisper, all wide eyed.

‘Yes. Oh,’ He arches a brow as he snaps his belt, making me flinch and him grin. ‘Okay, you ready to face the music, lady?’ He holds his hand out to me, and I take it without a thought. The man is a magnet. ‘I’d say quite loud, wouldn’t you?’

I gape at him as he gives me a full on dazzling smile. I shake my head, quickly glancing in the mirror. Oh, I’m flushed. My lips are distended and pink, my hair is still up but with random strands curling down all over the place, and I’m creased. I need five minutes to sort myself out.

‘You’re perfect.’ he reassures me, as if sensing the panic rising in me.

Perfect? Perfect wouldn’t be a word I would use. I look thoroughly f**ked! He tugs me to the door, unlocks it and strides out, devoid of wariness, while I’m more cautious. What if our visitors where still hanging around? I see his jacket still sprawled on the floor, and he scoops it up as we pass.

When we hit the curving staircase, I suddenly register my hand still in his. I try to ease it from his grasp, but he squeezes it tighter, flashing me a scowl. Shit! He has to let go. My boss and colleagues are down here. I can’t go prancing through them holding hands with this strange man. Well, he’s not very strange to me now, but that’s beside the point. I attempt to free my hand again, but he refuses to let it go.

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