This Man

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He rests his hands so they span the tops of my legs, his thumbs on my inside thigh slowly circling, millimetres from my aching core. I’m raw with pure lust, my rapid breathing becoming increasingly difficult to regulate.

He squeezes my thighs. ‘Where to start?’ he muses, lifting one hand and running his thumb across my bottom lip. ‘Here?’ he asks. My lips part. He watches me as he slides his thumb into my mouth, and I circle it with my tongue, his lips lifting at the corners in a diminutive smile. He withdraws his thumb, running it across my cheek, then, very slowly, he strokes his flat palm down my neck and onto my pumping chest before cupping my breast possessively. ‘Or here?’ His husky voice is betraying his calm façade as he raises a questioning eyebrow at me, circling my nipple with his thumb. I gasp.

If he’s expecting me to talk, then he can forget it. Speech has totally eluded me, being replaced with short, sharp breaths.

‘These are mine.’ He gently kneads my breast for a few moments before recommencing his hand stroke down my sensitive skin. He spends a few seconds making big circles on my stomach before he continues downwards. As the heat of his hand reaches the inside of my thigh, I force myself to breathe. I’m struggling and feeling dizzy with lust

Just when I think he’s going to claim me with his fingers, he swiftly changes direction, running his hand around my hip, causing me to jerk. He cups my arse.

‘Or here?’ He’s completely serious. I go rigid. ‘Every single inch, Ava,’ he breathes. I’m holding my breath, my lungs burning, as he smiles a little, his hand starting to drift back around to my front. He doesn’t mess about – he cups me. ‘I think I’ll start here.’

I release my breath in a thankful rush, relief swamping my entire being. He taps his finger under my chin so I’m forced to look up into his sludgy eyes.

‘But I did mean every inch.’ he affirms coolly, before placing his hand on the worktop besides my thigh, his other hand still cupping my core.

Fuck! I’m not sure if I’m up for that. Matt had tried a few times. It was a flat no f**king way! More pleasurable route, I think he said – yes, for him! I don’t have long to mood over it. I feel Jesse’s finger run up the centre of my core, generating flashes of pleasure that jet off in a million different directions around my body. I slump forward, resting my forehead on his shoulder as my upper body rolls up and down in time to my thumping heartbeat.

‘You’re drenched,’ he rumbles low in my ear as he plunges a finger into me. I immediately tighten my muscles around it. ‘’ he states firmly, withdrawing and spreading the wetness over my clit before surging forward again with two fingers.

I cry out.

‘Tell me you want me, Ava.’

‘I want you.’ I pant against his shoulder.

I hear a groan of satisfaction. ‘Tell me you need me.’

I would tell him anything he wants to hear at this point – absolutely anything. ‘I need you.’

‘You’ll always need me, Ava. I’m going to make sure of it. Now, let’s see if we can f**k some sense into you.’

Sense? What’s he on about?

He withdraws his fingers from me and pulls me down from the worktop, turning me slowly in his arms. My hands find the flat surface of the granite. I’m not happy with this position.

‘I want to see you.’ I moan, although I don’t fancy my chances. He seems like the dominant type.

I feel his body closing in on me, the heat pouring out of him and into me. When the firmness of his chest presses up against my back, I lean on him, the back of my head resting on his shoulder.

He turns his mouth into my ear. ‘Shut up and soak up the pleasure.’ He pushes his hips into the small of my back and slowly grinds into me as he reaches forward, placing his hands on my wrists. ‘No talking unless I tell you. You got that?’

I nod. This is definitely a man who likes to be in control.

He begins a slow, languid jaunt up my arms with his talented fingers, leaving my skin prickling in their wake, spreading fire through my veins. My br**sts ache for his touch as he reaches the tops of my arms and moves onto my shoulders. I clamp my lips together, but a moan escapes. I can’t help it, not when he’s making me feel like this.

His hands span my shoulders entirely, and he begins circling his thumbs into the base of my neck, working out the stiffness that’s looming there. The feeling is out of this world. My body is relaxed and my mind serene.

Lowering his mouth to my neck, he brushes his lips over my skin before kissing me gently. ‘Your skin is addictive.’

‘Hmmm.’ I purr. That’s not talking.

He laughs softly. ‘This good?’ he asks, trailing feather soft kisses up and down my jaw. I turn my face in towards him, meeting him square in the eye. I nod again.

He soaks up my gaze for a few seconds, his expression contented, before planting a soft kiss on my lips and letting his hands work their way down to my hips. I clench my eyes shut, trying my hardest not to jolt forward.

‘Keep your hands where they are.’ he orders firmly, releasing his hold of me.

I hear the sounds of his trousers being removed before his hands are back on my hips. He’s steps back from me, slowly taking my hips with him. My pulse accelerates and I shift my grip on the worktop to support myself in my braced position. I flinch when his hand cups the base of my neck, feeling his erection nudging at my opening. In an attempt to stabilise my breathing, I draw a long breath, trying to relax as I linger on the brink of penetration. This is the worst kind of torture.

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