This Man

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‘-ish,’ I shrug.

‘-ish,’ he mouths, the corner of his lips twitching. His eyes twinkle, and I grin. ‘You have a cheeky grin, I love it.’ He kisses the corner of my mouth.

‘Shit!’ As soon as the word falls from my mouth, I wince.

He leans back, eyes wide. ‘Mouth!’ he grinds, his lips forming a straight line. ‘What’s the matter?’

‘I told Kate I’d be home.’ I blurt. She hasn’t called, or if she has I’ve not heard my phone. ‘I better call her. She needs my car to visit her Gran in Yorkshire.’

Shit! Fuck, f**k, f**k! I can swear as much as I like in my head. Damn it. My car’s at Lusso and I’ve had too much champagne to collect it now. Maybe Kate can get it in the morning with the spare keys? No, she can’t. The spare keys are at my old flat with Matt. Oh, for God’s sake! I must get round there to collect my stuff. I’ll have to get a taxi back to Kate’s to give her my keys. She can get the car from Lusso in the morning.

I wriggle to free myself, and he begrudgingly lets go on a frown. Retrieving my bag from by the front door, I rummage through, finding my phone to text Kate and explain the plan, adding a P.S on the end to inform her that there’s no girlfriend. I pull my jeans out of my overnight bag. ‘I’ve got to go.’

‘Go?’ he booms.

I flinch. ‘I’ve got one set of car keys and Kate needs them.’ I explain. I shake my jeans out. I won’t bother with underwear, I’m only flying home. I thrust one leg into my jeans and hop around to position myself for the next leg.

He’s moving so fast, I don’t have time to catch the look on his face.

‘Oh!’ I yelp as he propels me into the air and over his shoulder. ‘What are you doing?’ I’m staring straight at his firm, tanned arse as he turns, without a word, and starts stalking across the apartment. ‘Shit! Jesse, put me down!’ He yanks my jeans off of the one leg I managed to get them on, throws them aside and slaps my arse. ‘Ouch!’


I hear the door hit plaster, after being kicked open, and we’re in a bedroom. I notice it’s all black and white in here too. What the hell is he doing? Hasn’t he had enough of me? Have I had enough of him? You would think so.

I’m hauled off of his shoulder, with minimal effort, and flying through the air before landing in a sea of luxurious, white cotton. The first thing I notice is that it smells divine. It smells like him – all fresh water and yummy.

I don’t have time to get over my disorientation. He’s between my thighs in a nanosecond, his erection nudging at my opening, his hands pinning my wrists on either side of my head. His arms are ram-rod straight, supporting his upper body. Jesus, the man can move fast. I’m still not quite sure where I am and how I got here. I do, however, recognise that coiling anticipation lingering deep inside me. Clearly, I’ve not had enough of him.

The slippery head of his arousal tickles my entrance, having my heart sprinting in my chest, while I focus on his eyes above mine, gazing down at me with a mixture of anger and shock. He’s mad?

‘You’re not f**king going anywhere.’ he growls, shifting his hips and plunging full length into me, stretching me to the most incredible level.

We both yell in unison at the penetration. He’s so deep, and I’m instantly griping onto every inch of him inside me. He holds still for a few seconds, his head hanging and his mouth lax. All thoughts of car collecting have made way for the anticipation of what’s to come. I really can’t get enough of him.

Once he’s gathered himself together, he lifts his gaze to mine and slowly withdraws before ramming straight back in on a loud yell.

I throw my head back on a scream.

‘Look at me!’ His voice is a carnal growl, not to be ignored.

I return my eyes to his as he holds himself deep inside me. I’m panting like a dehydrated dog.

‘That’s better. Now, do you need a reminder?’ he asks.

A reminder? If he means a reminder of how good he feels inside me, then the answer is yes! I roll my hips to try and get some contact. I’m raging and burning like a wanton hussy.

He stares down at me expectantly. ‘Answer the question, Ava.’

‘Please.’ I breathe. I can’t believe I’m begging for him. Well, I can, actually. He can do what he likes to me, demand anything.

He smiles a knowing, cocky smile, then he lets rip, powering forward. ‘Your mine, Ava.’ he grunts. I shut my eyes on a yell of pleasure. ‘Open your f**king eyes!’

Oh, I don’t have the energy. I drag them open as he pounds in and out at an inexcusably hard and forceful pace. It’s amazing. Our sweat ridden bodies are colliding and my breath hitching as I try to control the build-up of pressure that’s gathering in my groin. Even amid the disorder of our frantic body movements, his eyes never stray from mine. I wrap my legs around his waist, tilting my hips slightly, sending him deeper and my bordering detonation closer. The coils of pleasure are tightening to breaking point with his persistent charging forward. I don’t know what to do with myself.

‘Jesus, Ava. You okay?’ He forces the words from his mouth between gruff shouts. My wrists are freed from his heavy grip, and I feel the thud of his fists punching into the mattress.

‘Don’t stop!’ I scream, flinging my hands up to grab his slippery biceps. I dig my nails in to try and find some grip, prompting him to yell some more and pound harder. I throw my head back in despair. The power and control he has is beyond comprehension.

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