This Man

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‘Yes.’ I breathe.

He smiles that delicious, melt worthy smile, reserved only for women. ‘Me too,’ He drops a kiss on my lips, then, to my utter shock, he grasps my hand and flings me out on a spin before yanking me back into his arms. He’s not going to dance, surely? ‘And it’s the extended version.’

Is it? What does that mean? I look at Sam, who rolls his eyes on a shrug, then back to Jesse, who has the biggest self-assured smirk on his face. He is going to dance. Well, this should be interesting.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’ve drank my own body weight in wine, or if it’s Jesse’s c**k sure demeanour – it’s probably the former – but whichever, it’s got me performing an indecent shimmy down Jesse’s body, while my palms drag, damn right obscenely, from his chest, all the way down to his thighs. There I am, squatting in front of him with my palms partly spanning the front of his magnificent thighs, looking up at the most handsome man I’ve ever laid my eyes on. My dress is probably riding up my bum cheeks in the crudest fashion, but I’m oblivious. All of my attention is on the God like creature staring down at me, with a filthy, promising look on his face. I smile boldly, making a point of smoothing my palms closer to his groin area, before slowly pushing myself up his body, ensuring maximum contact between us. As my face passes his groin, I run my nose up the fly of his jeans, feeling him shudder and jerk before he reaches down, grabs my arms and hauls me up the rest of the way. My heart is hammering as he breathes in my ear – long, hot, heavy breaths.

‘I should bend you over here and f**k you until you scream. That dress is absurd.’

I don’t have time to say, yes, please! I’m spun out, and I watch as Jesse makes a mockery of Mister JT himself. I’m completely astonished at what’s unfolding before me. Jesse Ward can dance - and dance well.

How old is he?

He moves around me, his rhythm flawless, drawing the attention of many delighted women. I snatch quick glances at the others, all sharing in Jesse’s delight, and I laugh. I laugh at the sexy, confident, fluid movements that have come as such a pleasant surprise. This man doesn’t only have moves in the bedroom. Does he do anything badly? Leaning into me, he gives me a teasing circle of his hips before he sends me on a full three sixty spin under his arm, pulling me back into his chest and thrusting his hips into my lower stomach. His erection is still evident. I cheekily reach down to stroke his jean clad crotch, raising my eyebrows when he shakes his head in warning. Clearly, his boldness is rubbing off on me.

He proceeds to lower himself down my body, grinning as he clasps my hips and I jerk. I look at him watching me as he drifts down, landing on his knees in front of me, and moving his glorious hips in time to the beat.

I’m being flung around the dance floor, worshipped and adored. All of his attention is on me and me alone, and nothing or no one else exists, just me and him. I like it. I love that he has no misgivings; he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He’s confident, masculine and unashamed. It’s refreshing, and I’m not ignorant to the fact that I’m falling. I’m falling really hard for this man. And I don’t think there’s much I can do about it, especially when he won’t let me walk away. Do I even want to?

I glance at the others, to see Sam flinging Kate around the floor – I’ll deal with that conniving cow later – and Drew is homing in on Victoria. Drew, in all his smart finery, seems a bit too up his own backside for sassy – sometimes a bit dense – Victoria, but drink has clearly loosened him up because he’s laughing and the suit jacket’s been removed. Tom is just being Tom, throwing himself around like a deranged maniac.

I turn my attention back to Jesse when he grasps my hips. He plants a long languid kiss on my stomach, gazing straight into my eyes before springing to his feet in front of me and dropping his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, sighing into his mouth.

‘It seems I have competition,’ he mumbles against my lips.

‘No, you win.’

He pulls back, hitting me with his roguish grin. ‘I’ve won all right, lady.’ He releases me and I toss my hair over my shoulder, letting him take me on the floor. We move in complete harmony together. It’s perfect. He’s perfect. I can’t even remember why I’m mad - am I mad?

But then the energetic beat slows down, drifting into the smooth, powerful drones of violins and a slow intense beat. I’m short of breath and swathed in Jesse’s body. He thrusts his thigh between my legs and sways us both to the echoes of the extended piece.

I look up at his beautiful face as he sings to me, and I have a frightening moment of pure lucidity. I’ve already fallen.

Holy shit, I think I love this man.

He has a flashing, neon sign the size of London on his forehead, saying, RUN. But I can’t. He won’t let me, for a start. Besides, I don’t think I want to. He disappeared for four days but he’s back, and I’m really glad. Good Lord, with a stomach full of wine, this is not the time to be contemplating such complex and risky issues. I feel like I’m navigating very dangerous waters here. I know nothing about this man. Well, apart from his extreme wealth, extreme intensiveness and the fact that he owns a massively plush hotel, but other than that…nothing. I don’t even know how old he is. But despite my lack of knowledge, he’s completely taken me.

I lean up and place my lips on his, and within a few seconds, when he’s moaned into my mouth and tightened his grip on me, we’re entwined in a deep, passionate embrace.

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