This Man

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‘Jesse!’ I shout desperately.

With a few more measured strokes of his fingers, thumb and tongue, I’m hurled off the edge of a cliff and freefalling into nothing, the banging of my dehydrated brain replaced with sparks of pleasure. I’m cured.

He laps and sucks, slowly and gently, easing me down at a steady rate, my body relaxing and my heart rate leveling out. I keep my palms on his head, tracing slow, light circles in his hair.

‘You’re the best hangover cure.’ I exhale, on a long satisfied breath.

‘You’re the best everything cure.’ he counters. His tongue traces up the middle of my stomach, between my br**sts as he rises to his feet. He continues the trail up my neck, tilting my head on a groan as he laps up my taut throat. ‘Hmmm, now,’ He kisses my chin softly. ‘I’m going to f**k you in the shower,’ He tugs my chin so my head comes back down. He kisses my lips. ‘Deal?’

‘Deal,’ I agree. What a stupid question. I’ve not had him for four days. Where was he? I elect not to ask. I doubt I would get a straight answer anyway. Instead, I take my time running my palms down his lovely chest, settling my eyes on his evil scar – something else I doubt he’ll divulge.

‘Don’t even ask. How’s your head?’

I snap my eyes from his scar, back up to him. He’s looking at me with a warning look. Yeah, I won’t be challenging that tone, or that face. ‘Better.’ I answer. I am. His face softens, and he looks down at his boxers.

I take the hint, slipping my hand into the waist band, brushing his hair with the back of my hand and skimming over his morning erection. I flick my eyes to his and find them regarding me carefully. When I move in closer, he takes the opportunity to lower his forehead onto mine, blessing me with his signature minty breath.

We’re surrounded by steam now, condensation settling all over us, and I can see his chest hair dampening, gripping to his skin as I slip my hands around the back of his boxers, smoothing my palms over his tight, extraordinary arse.

‘I love this.’ I whisper, molding my palms over his cheeks.

He rolls his forehead against mine. ‘It’s all yours, baby.’

I smile my approval and smooth my palms back to the front, grasping his thick, pulsing arousal at the base. ‘I really love this.’

He groans in appreciation, swooping down to claim my lips, raiding my mouth possessively, forcing me to release my grip of his hard length and take my hand back to his arse. I’m yanked into his chest, getting a full impact blow of his hardness pushed into my groin. I’m already commencing build up. The urgent need to have him inside me has me breaking our kiss and tugging at his boxers to get them down his long, lean legs. He releases one hand from my bum to assist, his boxers soon rid of, his massive erection pointing straight at me. It’s twitching, it wants in. And the drop of moisture that’s beading on the tip tells me this is going to be a shock and awe moment. I’m right. I’m swiftly grabbed around the waist and pulled upwards against his heaving body.

‘Get your thighs around my waist.’ he growls against my neck, as he sucks and bites at me. I comply without a thought, wrapping my legs around his waiting body when he lifts me, his arousal slipping over my swollen entrance, causing a desperate cry to escape my mouth.

‘Oh God,’ I gasp.

He crashes his lips against mine, moaning as our tongues perform a ceremonial dance in our mouths. My hands smooth down his stubble as he holds me with one arm wrapped around my waist and walks us into the open ended shower. I’m immediately pinned against the tiles, his palm slapping into the wall above my head as he worships my mouth, hot water raining down all around us.

‘This is going to be hard, Ava.’ he warns. ‘You can scream.’

Oh, Lord, help me. I’m burning all over, and it has nothing to do with the hot water pouring all over us. I move my hands around to grip his back when I feel him rear back, ready to enter me, my thighs relaxing to give him room. Bringing his hand down from the wall, he guides himself to my entrance, looking straight into my eyes as the head of his erection probes at me. I shiver.

‘You and me.’ he says as he lowers his lips to mine, kissing me ravenously. ‘Let’s not fight it anymore.’ And on a sharp shift of his hips, he thrusts upwards, filling me to the absolute hilt, slamming his hand back into the wall beside my head on a roar.

‘God!’ I scream.

‘No, baby, that’s me,’ he strains between powerful thrusts, pushing me further up the tiled wall. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’

I claw at him, trying to get some grip, but the pounding water at his back is making it impossible to hold him.


‘Yes!’ I throw my head back, panting and crazy with pleasure, as with each hard strike he pushes me further towards absolute ecstasy. I feel his lips close around my exposed throat, the water making them skim and slide over my flaming skin.

‘You feel so f**king perfect,’ he groans against my throat, continuing with his strong, voracious tempo. ‘Remember yet?’

Oh, this is a reminder f**k! He has no need to worry. There’s not a chance I could ever forget.

‘Ava, have you remembered yet?’ he barks, making a point of slamming out each word.

‘I never forgot!’ I cry, helpless to his punishing crashes against my body. I release his back, knowing he’ll hold me in place, and pull his face up to mine, my hands brushing away the pouring water that’s trailing down his face. His eyes lift to find mine. ‘I never forgot.’ I cry through hard slams.

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